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Project Engineering Consultancy encompasses a range of essential activities throughout a project's lifecycle. It begins with a thorough feasibility assessment, to identify potential challenges and optimise planning. The planning phase is then crucial, incorporating a strategic vision to define the key stages and resources required. Risk management is an essential part of the process, aimed at anticipating and mitigating hazards that could hinder the success of the project. Finally, rigorous monitoring and control ensure effective implementation, enabling actions to be adjusted as necessary to achieve the objectives set.

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Courses for adults


We also offer training for adults. Diversity and inclusion are key pillars of these programmes, aimed at promoting inclusive and respectful environments within organisations. The fight against racism and discrimination also occupies a central place, with modules dedicated to understanding discriminatory mechanisms and promoting cultural diversity. The courses also address post-colonial perspectives, offering a critical understanding of historical legacies and power dynamics. At the same time, project management is emerging as an essential cross-disciplinary skill, equipping learners with the tools they need to successfully plan, execute and supervise initiatives.

Creation of associations


Niamato Consulting can help you set up your association, which is a fundamental legal process involving several crucial stages. The first step is the careful drafting of the association's articles of association, in accordance with the 1901 law, which defines the rules and objectives of the entity. The articles serve as a legal and ethical framework, defining the rights and duties of members. The founding minutes, also drawn up during this phase, record the decisions taken at the founding general meeting, formalising the birth of the association. Subsequently, assistance with legal filing and administrative formalities proves invaluable. This involves managing the necessary administrative procedures, facilitating the registration process and ensuring compliance with current regulations.

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Responses to European calls for projects


Our team can help you manage responses to European Calls for Projects, which is a key area of expertise in obtaining funding (particularly for programmes such as Erasmus+). Engaging in this process requires in-depth research, with a detailed understanding of the criteria and specific requirements. Methodological support is also essential, guiding people through the complex stages of the application process. This includes the effective structuring of consortia, encouraging relevant and complementary partnerships. The meticulous assembly of the proposal itself is a crucial phase, involving the synthesis of innovative ideas, conceptual clarity and compliance with the standards laid down by the calls for projects. Finally, writing and submitting the proposal requires rigorous precision to maximise the chances of success.

Development of proposals


This support includes the development of proposals in line with donor specifications, requiring a thorough understanding of needs and expectations. This involves the creation of detailed and persuasive documents, highlighting the project's relevance, objectives and anticipated impact. In addition, proposal development also extends to assistance with project implementation and management. It provides ongoing support by facilitating audit and verification documentation, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process. In summary, Niamato Consulting plays a central role in ensuring the successful design, effective implementation and compliance with the required standards of project initiatives.

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Personalised sessions on Erasmus+


The personalised sessions on Erasmus+ offer a unique opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of the programme as a whole. Understanding the ins and outs of Erasmus+ is crucial to maximising the benefits offered by this emblematic international mobility and academic exchange programme. These sessions offer an in-depth look at the various sub-programmes available, enabling applicants to make informed choices based on their academic and professional aspirations. In addition, the sessions include time for personalised questions and answers, providing an interactive platform where participants can obtain information specific to their needs. These personalised exchanges are essential to dispelling doubts, clarifying application procedures and ensuring an enriching Erasmus+ experience that is perfectly tailored to each participant.

Support for project implementation


Niamato Consulting supports you in the implementation of projects, offering essential assistance to ensure the success of every stage of the process. Effective management of staff workloads is an essential facet of this support, aimed at optimising the use of human resources and ensuring a balanced distribution of tasks. This helps to prevent work overload, thereby fostering an environment conducive to productivity and quality of work. At the same time, the operational support provided for project implementation offers practical assistance in overcoming potential obstacles and ensuring that initiatives run smoothly. By combining judicious workload management with targeted operational support, our teams ensure that organisational objectives are achieved.

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